Tasty local specialities at your campsite on the Costa Brava!

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Discover and taste the specialities of Catalonia

A cuisine that was definitely born under the Mediterranean sun!

Catalan cuisine is not all about olive oil and tomatoes, but pa amb tomàquet (a slice of bread covered in garlic, tomato and olive oil) is definitely among its highlights! It is usually served as tapa, or appetizer, with a glass of wine (a local wine that is, obviously!).

Next should come a parrillada, ie an assortment of fish and seafood grilled a la plancha and simply flavoured with olive oil. Escalivada, a mixture of eggplants, onions, tomatoes and grilled peppers is the perfect side dish.

As a dessert, crema cremada – or crema catalana or crème brûlée -is absolutely mandatory! For a more original touch, try pastisset which is, as its name suggests, an aniseed flavoured sponge cake. Bom profit!