Kids just love Amfi, camping Amfora's mascot!

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Welcome to Amfora

Family holidays with Amfi, the campsite's mascot!

On the Costa Brava lives a dragon like no other…

You'll be given the warmest of welcomes at Amfora! Share unforgettable moments with your family during your camping holidays on the Costa Brava with our mascot Amfi !

First of all, let us introduce him!

Amfi is a little dragon who was living on Amforaturn. One day, answering the call of freedom, he decided to leave his planet to go visit planet Earth. Pushed by Tramontane wind, he landed on campsite Amfora.

Amfi was really tired by such a long journey. Everybody at Amfora started taking good care of him so he decided to settle here!

Today, Amfi is in great shape and ready to help you spend the most wonderful family holidays! Come and meet him, he's always ready for new adventures!

... who just made a new friend !

During winter holidays, Amfi is used to travelling the world. He discovers new cultures, new ways of life and habits: in Thailand, he learned to eat (and appreciate!) bugs and insects; in Tahiti, he could swim with whales; he went skiing in the Alps; in Cuba, he learned how to dance salsa etc. But what really had an impact on him was his encounter with rambuctious little Puppy.

One day, as he was riding a camel on a day out in the desert, under the blazing sun, Amfi felt exhausted, dehydrated and with no water any more. That's when he met Puppy. And what a shock it was ! 
He saw a strange fluffy orange ball in the distance. It was rolling down a dune in his direction. Amfi feared it was a fire ball falling from the sky. He was exhausted but so scared he jumped off the camel and started running in the opposite direction. The fire ball threw itself at him and he fell on the sand. Amfi was so scared he passed out.

A bit later, a nice cool sensation wake him up: it was no fire ball, it was Puppy and he was licking his snout! The funny little dog gave him some water so Amfi could get up. Puppy proceeded to tell his story: he came from planet Puppiter and he too felt the need to leave and discover the world one day. But he miscalculated his flight and his little doggy spaceship landed in the middle of the desert!

Since their meeting, Amfi and Puppy have become best friends. They stayed together to continue travelling all over the world. In spring time, Amfi invited his new friend to camping Amfora for new adventures and most of all to introduce him to his little friends. What happened next is that Puppy liked Amfora's little campers so much that he decided to stay for the season with Amfi... Every new season that is!