Put on your hiking shoes and head to the Albera Massif!

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The Albera Massif : the Pyrenees mountains by the Mediterranean sea!

Hiking with your friends or family

You like hiking or bicycle riding? Camping Amfora, camping near the Albera massif, is an invitation to go explore the Pyrenees Mountains. The massif ends with the Mediterranean Sea, which explains its modest heights – it peaks at "only" 1256m. Be careful though for sea level's proximity also implies some pretty steep slopes!

The Albera massif are a fantastic excursions reservoir which makes it a favourite destination among bicycle riders. The massif is also home to a wonderful heritage, mainly composed of antique and medieval ruins.

Outdoor activities fans will find many spots to practice – climbing, canoeing, free falling, the Albera massif offers many opportunities to the daredevil in you!