Give in to the dolce vita vibe of the Catalan Florence!

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Camping in Girona, the heart of Catalonia!

Elegant and picturesque at the same time, a resourceful city

Experience a different feeling during your holiday break on the Costa Brava thanks to Amfora, your campsite in Girona!

On a practical side, the city is home to the nearest camping Amfora airport and to Espai Gironès shopping centre. That always come in handy when you're travelling with the minimum gear... and want to bring back some items bought on location! Food, clothes or crafts, you'll certainly find something to remember your holidays by or to bring back to your loved ones who stayed home.

On a touristic side, going camping in Girona will obviously put you in the best spot to visit a wonderful city divided in two by the river Onyar. You'll certainly feel that Girona has a certain vibe of Tuscany and even Florence with its cypresses and red or ochre houses. You will love strolling along its narrow streets and alleys, most particularly carrer Força that ends in front of the imposing Saint Mary's cathedral. Once you've reached the top of its gigantic stairs, you'll see that it has no less than the largest nave in the world after Saint Peter's in Rome! So, Italy once again but don't be mistaken: you'll still be camping in Girona!

An extremely lively and active one, the city that is often referenced to as the heartland of Catalonia gets literally covered in flowers during the month of May and the "El temps de flors" exhibition – "the season of flowers". You can't miss this! See also the old city centre's ramparts and the 7 museums, including a surprising museum of cinema, thanks to your camping in Girona