L'Escala and the ruins of Empuries : a heavenly destination for History lovers!

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Welcome to Amfora

Our campsite at L'Escala, near the ruins of Empuries

Centuries old History by the sea

Want to discover the most beautiful villages on the Costa Brava ? That's just great because camping Amfora is the perfect starting point to do so!

Discover the archaeological site of the ruins of Empuries only a few minutes from the campsite. Originally a Greek port that was rebuilt by the Romans a few centuries later, the ruins of Empuries are a remain of what once was a meeting place for many civilizations. They will certainly delight History and mythology lovers.

A little bit further stands L'Escala. This hip Costa Brava resort is perfect spot for a quiet walk along the sea front. On arrival, you'll be greeted by none other than the little prince – his statue, that is. Keep on walking along the sea and you'll reach the city's main harbour.