Open April 23rd - September 28th, 2018

Camping on the Costa Brava with a water park !

A whole range of water games

Booking your holiday at a campsite on the Costa Brava with water park  means you're in for a whole lot of water fun. Whether you're staying on a pitch or in a rented accommodation, you'll never be staying very far from camping Amfora's water entertainment!

No matter if you're going with your family, friends or partner, everyone enjoys the water because our water park was designed for kids and grown ups alike, for seasoned swimmers and simple amateurs, so that each and everyone can spend the best of time. Dive in one of the pools of our water park on the Costa Brava, you won't regret it!

Indeed, it is made of 4 pools, each one adapted to your mood - swimming, fooling around, relaxing. There are also slides and a paddling pool for the littlest ones. Leaving anyone aside is just out of question!

As far as pure relaxation is concerned, your campsite on the Costa Brava with water park  has a "spa" pool for you to enjoy. It is a genuine invitation to relax with its many massaging water jets and flows. You can also enjoy bubble tubs at the centre of the park where you can relax in the sun.
If you're more of the "active holidays" type, many games and sports activities take place at the water park in high season. Enough to keep you fit and in good shape with a smile on your face!

Are you tempted? We bet you are ! So do not hesitate any longer, go for a swim! Relaxation, sunbathing, water sliding ... above are the ingredients to a successful holiday break at camping Amfora !

What's more, your campsite on the Costa Brava with water park  has a baby changing table right by the pool, to the delight of young mums and dads.