Experience the unforgettable : go on a boat ride from the campsite!

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Boat rides on the Costa Brava

Leave for a whole day on the Mediterranean sea with Mare Nostrum

How about a lovely excursion at sea during your holiday break a camping Amfora on the Costa Brava? On your program: swimming in the quiet waters of small secluded creeks, snorkeling under the watch of a team of professionals. Not bad isn't it?

It's all possible : experience the unforgettable thanks to Mare Nostrum, an entertainment company specialized in boat rides!

Sail from the Gulf of Rosas to Cape Creus, anchor down in Cadaquès for a little city tour, put on your palms and snorkel to explore the sea and its marvels.

In a word, seize the opportunity to experience something unique during a Mediterranean sea holiday break : Mare Nostrum, its skippers and certified, professional staff, programs that adapt to your needs and wishes, is only waiting on you to go on wonderful boat rides.