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Active holidays at the campsite : Challenge Park

Challenge Park

Welcome to this brand new, fun and challenging obstacle race which is available from 8 years old. A new activity park which is just perfect to have fun and surpass yourself at the same time. Whatever your physical condition, these races are for all people. A great opportunity to challenge your relatives or friends, to test your personal limits and, why not? to beat Amfora's record!
7 « games » are available and form a circuit :

1 - Roll ‘n’Roll : this one's certainly the most difficult! It is about finding equilibrium on 2 cylinders of different sizes. You need to "ride" them and then stretch and crawl to move forward and get to the end. Obviously, to make it even more dificults, each cylinder rotates! So you need to move very carefully and slowly in order not to fall and to keep going forward.

2 - Tilted plans : thee plan is divided into 2 levels by a red stripe. The lower part is for beginners, the upper part for the experienced. The aim is to rush forward and to jump from one plan to the other.

3 - Logs from hell : these are kind of swings you need to step over but beware! Logs are moving constantly and randomly because they are simply hanging on ropes... in order to make it very difficult of course !

4 – Crawl Snake : 2 contestants enter in a cage open in both ends. They need to crawl into it, then slide out of it. After they exit the tunnel, they can move on to the next activity.

5 - Crazy Way : you need to run on a net that goes up then down while at the same time staying off the bags that are hanging and climbing a net. Here, contestants are racing against one another.

6 – Tyro Race : after having climbed a net, the 2 contestants stand up in order to get a hold of the zipline... and use it.

At the end, you need to find your equilibrium and progress on beams. The winner gets to ring the victory bell!

How about you try it now?