Have a blast with your family at the site's amusement park

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Welcome to Amfora

Thrilling sensations at Amfi Park!

We bet your children are amusement and adventure parks fanatics right? Your camping Amfora invites them to experience this on site: discover Amfi Park now!

Multiple activities and stalls await your children 4 to 13 on a 700-sqm facility which is perfectly and entirely secured - there's no staff, the children are under their parents' watch so you can spend some quality family time.

Amfi Park can be divided into 4 separate areas:

  • The 21-sqm mega trampoline enables all friends of Amfora to jump, climb or simply play together. Once inside the structure, they'll find knotted climbing ropes, a climbing net or big bouncing balloons. Not to mention of course the bags featuring the campsite's and park's mascot, our beloved Amfi!
  • An adventure course featuring 2 9-sqm trampolines and 7 stalls is also available from age 4. They'll have to show their skills and dexterity to access the trampolines since they need to go through the stalls first. One of the 2 trampolines is made of 2 baskets that put your kids to trial : will they be able to score in an awkward and uncomfortable positions. Among the 7 playful and educational stalls, you'll find floating logs, a suspended net or casks among which they'll need to crawl. 
  • Now on to the slackline! It was designed for teenagers and is made of a slightly elastic strap. It is THE ultimate Amfora challenge! Will you be balanced enough to stand up and keep walking? 
  • Finally, our super zip-line is 12 meters long : you'll get a genuine rush of adrenaline in the safest possible conditions!

So what are you waiting for? Amfi Park is located inside your favourite campsite and guarantees a good time to all family members!