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The 7 small islands composing Medes Islands archipelago are only a mile from the great Estartit beach. They are "only" 23 hectares on the surface but the submarine, protected area reaches over 500,000 sqm! They are absolutely unique in the Mediterranean environment and represent an important marine wildlife ensemble. Explore it while you're staying at a 4-star campsite near Medes Islands.

That is why Medes Islands have become one of the favourite destinations of snorkeling amateurs from the whole world. The water's purity guarantees an unforgettable experience that comes easier and more carefree if your base is located at a 4-star campsite near Medes Islands!

If you're not a seasoned diver, or even an absolute beginner, many service providers on location give you the opportunity to get started. You can rent the complete gear, select an itinerary and even be guided by an instructor diving along with you. Safe conditions and protocoles guaranteed of course.

If you're not interested in diving at all, many other companies offer interesting alternatives such as, for example, an excursion at sea on a boat with transparent floor. That is one exciting alternative to snorkeling! Here's another one: visiting Medes Islands on a catalan boat. A catalan boat is a typical, traditional boat used by local fishermen that enables to go deep in the creeks. Some of them also have a transparent floor that enables to observe what's underneath the water.

Finally, sporst lovers among you can always rent a kayak - the best way to explore the archipelago thoroughly and in every detail. Whatever your choice, your 4-star campsite near Medes Islands invites you to discover this genuinely unique spot!